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All About Paint Sheens

What is a Paint Sheen and Why Does it Matter?


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Should You Paint Before You Move In To Your New Home?

Wow, so you just bought a new house and its beautiful and you're super excited!  There's just a couple things you need to do before you move in, and one question you have is, Should I Paint Before I move In?

We would recommend it, for sure!  

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Behr 2019 Color of the Year!


Okay, All the big guns come out with their predictions of the Color of the Year and this year, Behr is coming out with theirs: Blueprint S470-5.  It's similar to the Color of the Year last year from Sherwin Williams, which was Oceanside, but the color sets are very popular which ever company you choose to use.  

We would love some feedback from the public as to what they think about the Behr Color of the Year.  If you would like to leave your comments below, we would love the feedback.  

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Sherwin Williams 2018 Color of the Year!

Every year, Sherwin Williams names their color of the year.  It's inspired by different components, different ideas and mostly does its best to inspire people to be BOLD and DARING.  

This year, Sherwin Williams chose "Oceanside" (SW 6496)!

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Selling a Home with Fresh Paint

Selling a home is a big deal, it's one of the biggest, if not the biggest purchases you've made in your lifetime and when you want to sell, you want to maximize what you can get for it.  Take it from us, a bi-partisan player in the real estate market.  In our experience over the last 13 years of business, we have experienced a higher and faster percentage of sale after realtors have used H3 Paint to come in a help out with some color and fresh wall paint.  It applies to both interior and exterior color changes.

In this latest example, Bryan Hubbell, Exit One Realty, requested that we provide his client with a free no hassle estimate to paint their home, which is for sale. After providing the quote and viewing the home, we were informed that the biggest draw back for potential buyers was the color of the exterior.  Being a painting company, we totally understand this dilemma.  Certain paint colors can be off putting to some and create an inability to look past it, serving as a blockage to being able to move forward with viewing something that otherwise might have been a close to perfect home.  

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Baby Birds


Every once in a while we get a client that requests something special. This time it was Baby Birds.   

This particular client had a special request, save the bird nest and baby birds that were at the front porch. We honestly had not had this request before.  Usually a client will ask us to clean up and remove an old abandoned bird nest, or wasp nest (we have not yet received a request to save any wasp nests!) so that we can paint and seal the home properly.  

We knew we had a challenge.  When spraying the paint onto the surface of the home, there is inevitably overspray that occurs, even a small amount and although we try and minimize this, it happens and if this overspray were to cover the bird nest and or get on the baby birds, the mother would most likely not return.  And yet, we could not touch the nest or again the mother bird would not return and the baby birds would not survive. To make matters worse, the mother was hanging back from the nest while we prepped and painted the home, so we were already on a time limit!

What to do, what to do.  

We devised a way that we could wrap the nest with a thin film of 3M plastic while we sprayed as close as we could without causing any trouble.  Then we carefully removed the plastic wrap.  

The birds were still safe.

Next we let the body of the house that had been sprayed, dry out.  

Last, we carefully hand cut the trim and siding around the birds nest.  We were careful not to touch the nest at all.

Im happy to report that the mother bird came home every night while we were on the jobsite. She seemed to watch from afar as was reported by the homeowner.  The baby birds are safe and all is well.


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6 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Painter Is A Good Idea!

Hiring a professional painter can be challenging when there are so many to choose from, why not just do it yourself? In this article we will describe the benefits of "doing it yourself" versus hiring a professional painter.  Are we biased, no way, it's just the facts ma'am!

1. Perfect Results

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Creating Perfect Paint Lines

How is it, that painters can create perfect paint lines?  More often than not the answer is caulk and tape.  But that’s not the whole story and it’s not the only answer.  A very good brush and a steady hand can create perfect lines.  Very good brushes, for example, are Purdy brand brushes that are 2.5” with an angle for cutting. For taping and caulking, you must have the correct tape and the correct caulk and then you have to follow the directions.


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