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All About Paint Sheens

What is a Paint Sheen and Why Does it Matter?


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Why Hire A Color Consultant

Why Hire a Color Consultant.

Save money.  A color designer will help to pick the right color to avoid costly mistakes with color or paint products.Save More Money. A color designer will often get discounts on paint and painting supplies and can pass that savings on to the client.Creative choices.  A color professional can suggest colors, placement, sheens, and decorative finishes that are unexpected and out of the box.  Your home will have a custom feel.Product Knowledge.  A color designer will have expert knowledge of paint and products and be able to suggest the correct products for your specific job. Color sells. Professionally color designed homes can sell faster and for more money.Big Impact. Color is the most effective way to completely change the feel of your home, it can rejuvenate old spaces and enhance forgotten beauty in your home.  
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Color Trends

How are trends determined?  

Who said in the nineties that peach and light teal were going to be the hot trend?  How come you can see specific colors and it evokes a memory of a certain time in history.  Colors come in groups, they are sold to us in a package, if you walk through a department store you can see certain colors that are prominent in fashion, home decor, paint, and any imaginable item one could spend money on.  For example a few years back sand-colored tans, rich chocolate browns, and robin’s egg blues became very popular in everything from dishes, skirts, baby bedding and office supplies.  I was enamored by this color scheme and had pillows, rugs, and paints with this scheme and wore these color religiously.  This is when I first realized the degree of influence the color marketing groups have on our day to day purchases.  When this small and influential group of people determined these were the colors of the future they then informed the dye makers, paint industry, and anyone who wanted to be on what seems like the cutting edge of color.  When I saw this trend so strong in all aspects of our lives it made me think about color combos of the past and more importantly color stories that were going to be given to us for the future.  I researched trends and looked for what fashion gurus and influential designers were talking about and what I heard over and over again was all about smokey grays and sunny yellows.  I immediately fell in love, like a sucker I was hooked, and decided this was how I wanted to redo my own master bedroom.  I shopped online and looked everywhere I could think to find these colors in linens and decorative items but it was not to be found anywhere.  My only option was to settle for colors that were not quite right or make custom pieces.  If only I had waited for 6 more months I could have bought exactly what was in my minds eye and even found it at discount stores like Target.

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