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6 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Painter Is A Good Idea!

Hiring a professional painter can be challenging when there are so many to choose from, why not just do it yourself? In this article we will describe the benefits of "doing it yourself" versus hiring a professional painter.  Are we biased, no way, it's just the facts ma'am!

1. Perfect Results

At first glance, painting seems easy, grab some rollers and brushes from Home Depot, choose some color(s), get some paint, maybe Behr from Home Depot or maybe Sherwin Williams and then go home and paint.  But wait, do you have caulk, ladders, spackle, high-tac tape and low-tac tape?  Do you have a ladder that will reach?  Are you comfortable up there?  Did you get paint that has primer built in, or do you plan on doing a separate primer coat? Wait, why do I need primer?  Is the paint Low VOC?  Is it one coat coverage?  What the heck did I need caulk for?


Hey it's OK.  Thats why we are professional painters.  We have over 40 years of combined experience to know exactly what to do and when and also how!  We come equipped with the correct tools and knowledge of how to get the job done right the first time, with perfect lines.  And the caulk, we use it in combination with the tape to create those perfect painters lines.  

2. The Prep Game

Painting is all about the Preparation.  Without Prep, painters feel uneasy.  Its the prep that makes all the difference in a paint job that turns out great versus OK.  During preparation, we take care in exactly which tape is used and how it is applied which is what is going to gives you those perfect painters lines.  We have drop clothes that are not one time use only, that absorb any paint drips while you are working.  We apply spackle to repair certain blemishes in walls that paint alone doesn't hide.  We use caulk to fill cracks and nail holes to smooth out the wall.  We do all of this before our paint brushes an rollers even get wet.

3. Safety

We have joked about the idea of ladders and heights above, but in all seriousness, its no joke.  We bring along ladders that will safely bring us to your vaulted ceilings and the peaks of the exterior of your home.  At times, depending on the job we will provide scaffolding that will allow us to safely navigate the heights or your gables to do a proper paint job.  We are prepared to carry heavy 5 gallon buckets of paint up to those heights as well we throughout your home.  All of this, we do everyday, and are prepared for the safety requirements that come with the job.  If after reading this, you think you might not have this sort of safety precautions, don't hesitate, call a pro.  We are happy to help and frankly, its what we do!

4. Your Time Is Valuable

Time is money as the old saying goes.  It couldn't be more true.  We lead busy lives and when we have some time to spend with our family or enjoying a relaxing weekend, its because we worked all week to enjoy it.  It's the same for us at H3 Paint.  When you take on a weekend job to do some painting, it will most likely take more time than you have and you end up with an incomplete job, something hanging over your head, waiting for you for next weekend to come.  Instead of dreading that next weekend to come, or trying to get it done after work, call a pro.  You'll be glad you did.  

5. Accidents and Unknowns

During a do it yourself project can be daunting as we have discussed above, but one major component comes with the territory of painting and that is potential accidents to your home or belongings.  For instance, ladders can fall, windows can break, items near or around where you are painting can become damaged.  Professional painters carry insurance for this and are used to taking precautions so that these sorts of accidents don't happen.  But when they do, a professional painter carries liability insurance that can cover these issues.

6. Warranty for Work

A professional painter provides you with a warranty, not only for their work, but for their paint they purchased.  When you do the work yourself, you are resigned to using what you thought was the best paint for your job and possibly it doesn't have a warranty, not to mention, if you do the work, you will have to do your own warranty work yourself. 

Doing a project yourself is a great idea, for some things.  When it comes to painting, you may want to have some pro help for those bigger jobs.  We are happy to be a part of making your house your home.  

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